1310552547_gump[1]I was out of town for a few days up in PA.  While I was up there I didn’t have much time for organized exercise.  I spent about 30 minutes in a hotel gym where the highlight was doing the entire stack of weights on the chest press machine (supposedly 255lbs).  On Monday I went to Gettysburg with my buddy and got some exercise walking the grounds and climbing several observation towers.  Unfortunately I negated most beenfit from that exercise by drinking huge amounts of beer the night before.

Today I tried to get back in the swing of things with a gym 20/10 training brick.  The 2.18 miles on the treadmill and 3.26 on the bike did not roll by easily. I was sucking wind hard by the end of each portion.

Today’s Workout

20/10 brick

20 minute run – 2.18 miles covered

10 minute ride – 3.26 miles covered