rj4QU[1]So for some reason at the gym today they were playing horrible techno music.  It was bad enough that they would be playing that shit in a gym that is filled with members well past retirement age.  What made it worse was the volume they were playing it at.  In the main gym area it was BLARING.  I felt like I needed to find someone to mosh up against. It was ridiculous.

I saw one old guy complain about it as he was leaving but I think he did it with too much smile on his face and joke in his tone of voice.  The gym staff just laughed and carried on.  Well on my way out I made a point to stick my head in the managers office to let him know the music they were playing today was “awful” and much too loud, with no smile or hint of joking in my voice.  I could tolerate that shit if it was played at a volume that allowed it to fall into background noise but when it is loud enough that I have to yell, that vaults over the line.  As I walked out the door they at least turned it down.  Do I care if it makes them view me as an old fart complainer? Nope, not one bit.  That is one of the few advantages of being an old fart, you stop caring about that sort of stuff.

On Monday evening at home I managed to somehow injure my back doing pull ups.  I was on rep 49 of 50 and was straining to get to the bar with my chin.  I felt a stabbing pain in my upper left back and since then have been dealing with some pretty serious pain not only in that area but also my neck and lower right back for some reason.  Both yesterday and today I was relegated to cardio only sessions at the gym.  I did 30 minutes on the cross trainer yesterday and 30 minutes on the stationary bike today.

The pain today is still there but less than what I was dealing with yesterday.  I am hoping by the time tomorrow rolls around I can start trying some weighted and calisthenics exercise.