MjAxMi0xZTdlYjlkODIwZWM0MzBl[1]A more and more regular sight at the gym is somebody (almost always 25 or younger) walking around wearing a pair of the $300 Dr Dre Beats headphones.  beats_2647973b[1]Most people have seen these headphones, they buck what was a long running trend of small, ear bud type head phones.  Instead these things are very large and prominent, designed to let the world know you plunked down $300 to have premium headphones  to play back compressed, poor quality mp3 files. They are sort of the new Air Jordans.

Yesterday there was a pack of three young guys doing the Cybex circuit.  Two of them had Beats head phones, one did not.  I am sure the Beatsless guy felt a little worse about himself. I have also seen guys wear these in an odd way, such as rotating the wide, flat headband forward on their head in such a way that it looks like either a head bracelet or a woman’s hair band.

Personally of course from my 46 year old perspective I think it looks silly to be walking around a gym with big set of Beats slapped on your cranium but what do I know…

Today my workout was rushed due to getting to the gym a bit late followed by excessive jaw warm up time.  Once I got going I tried to jam in what I could, hitting bi’ tri’s shoulders, chest, and back to varying degrees.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

20 pull ups

25 dips

30 push ups

2 sets of 3 reps skin the cat reversals

45 second wall hand stand

2 sets x 8 reps 110 pound cable machine curls

30 bench dips

10 body weight tricep extensions