Today at the gym there was some guy that did a lot of ab exercises.  Even though they were different exercises they all had a very common theme, momentum ,fast and bouncing.   Every movement he would just bounce back and forth using his arms for both momentum and as fleshy counterweights.  When he got on the large  inflatable ball and did reps it was the most egregious reps of all.  Not only was he bouncing his mid-back off the ball, he had one arm down by his waist (counterweight) and other tucked behind his head which he would jerk forward with each bounce.

The only positive I could say about his routine was he was sweaty, so he at least was burning some calories as he bounced up and down.

So with my abdominal pain I have had a lot of trial and error at the gym.  If something aggravates the area, I don’t do it.  For example just getting to the starting position for pull ups was painful so I crossed those off the list.   I would up doing a mostly shoulder day.  The wall handstands were right on the edge of tolerable depending on how much I had to use my abs.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio stretching

6 sets x 10 reps slow, full ROM (bottom out to full extension) dips

3 sets x 15 reps p bar shrugs

Wall handstand holds – 60 second normal hand position x 1 45 second wide hand position x 2

Behind the back shoulder shrugs 200lb – 3 sets x 8 reps

7 minutes A2G hold