bruce-lee-dragon-flag_500f-png[1]I missed my gym session yesterday due to being out of the area.  It was just as well, my upper body was pretty much sore everywhere.

Today I did a variety of core related work, including a couple dragon flag sets, a movement I haven’t had a chance to work in awhile.  No other exercise I do feels like it works my core like the flag.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

15 slow paced dead hang pull ups

20 – hanging knee raises

20 – p-bar knee raises

10 – 45lb side raises, both arms

8 – 45 degree to 90 degree hanging straight leg raises

5 – dragon flags

5 – dragon flags

15 – back extension raises

6 – one minute A2G holds supersetted in between other movements.