halfsquat-fuck[1]Squats have been noticeably absent from DL/Squat Wednesdays for quite awhile.  Some of it was because of knee and leg issues that made the movement feel very uncomfortable.  Some of it was from my emphasis on deadlifting in recent months.

Today was the first time I got under the bar in a number of weeks.  I kept my lifts minimal and low in number but at least I didn’t feel any twinges or tweaks that made me feel uneasy.

Perhaps doing more squatting up front affected my DL later.  My one rep at 375lbs nearly killed me.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

15 prisoner squats

Barbell squat – 135lbs x 12, 185lbs x 8, 205lbs x3

Deadlift – 225lbs x 10, 275lbs x 5, 325lbs x 5, 375lbs x 1

Seated leg extension – 130lbs x 12

Seated leg curl – 130lbs x 12