deadlift[1]So my fall off the slackline has left my right knee rather swollen.  Last night at home I was walking around with a very pronounced limp.  Before bed I took two Advil, hoping those and a nights rest with the leg elevated on a pillow would help knock the swelling down.

This morning things were better, I was no longer limping, but there is still a lot of swelling in the joint.  I knew squatting was out of the picture but hoped to still do some deadlifting, which require less knee mobility.

My buddies Jim and Mike joined me in the deadlifting session.  It was the first time Mike had done the movement in eons.  I kept my weight numbers down to be on the safe side, not going any higher than 315 pounds.  I also did not utilize my lifting straps, instead switching to mixed grip for the last few reps at 275 and all of my 315 reps.

Jim smashed through his prior best and repped at 315lbs. (3reps and then 2reps)   It was awesome.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching


135lbs x 10

185lbs x 10

225lbs x 10

275 lbs x 10

315lbs x 8

315lbs x 5