pushupmilitary[1]Over the weekend my girlfriend and I spent a lot of time on the slackline.  We both are progressing nicely as we managed to cross roughly a 25 foot section of line without falling off.

Unfortunately I did some falling off as well which resulted in me injuring my already screwed up right knee, putting tomorrow’s scheduled deadlifting session in question.  If you want to see the slackline video look here.

Today at the gym I kept it simple doing a continuous pull up, push up, and dip loop that added up to a total of 300 reps.  Doing dips after push ups killed my dip endurance, most of the dip sets were only 5 reps.

The workout was made more annoying by my t-shirt that for some reason smelled like it was worn by one of my dogs for a week.  The smell annoyed the living shit out of me, giving me some additional anger fueled energy.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Pull up, Push Up, Dip Circuit

First set – 15 pull ups, 20 push ups, 10 dips

All subsequent sets – 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 5 dips

Totals – 75 pull ups, 150 push ups, 75 dips

Total reps – 300