Today’s workout included a lot of core work.  One of the things I was messing around with was any sort of human flag progression.  I have messed around with flags before and have had absolutely zero success, I don’t understand it.

For those of you unfamiliar with the move, the human flag involves planting your lower hand on a vertical object and then pulling with your upper hand to help apply force to keep the rest of your body extended and more or less parallel to the ground.

Now to me, I should have the foundation to at least do a tucked version of a flag.   I can crank more than 20 pull ups, hold all of my weight in a one arm wall handstand for roughly 30 seconds and do reps of dragon flags.  Even with my lanky dimensions, I SHOULD be able to at least start the progression to a real flag.

Well it just isn’t happening.  I must be doing something incorrectly because my plant arm immediately feels overwhelmed when I try to kick up in the air.  I can’t support myself even for a fraction of a second, tucked or otherwise.  I can’t believe that the front of my core is strong enough  to hold a static dragon flag but my obliques would not be able to support me at all.

Today I tried various holds to try to simulate a flag and was unsuccessful with all of them.  I am sure I wound up on someone else’s FB status, describing how dumb I looked trying to ascertain what I was doing wrong.  I need to watch some more videos and figure this out.  The closest thing I got to a progression move was holding a dragon flag and then rotating to a more sideways orientation.  I need to spend some extensive time on my pole at home.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

20 pull ups

4 L sit holds 5-10 seconds each

20 second static dragon flag holds x 2

Back extensions 15 reps x 2 sets

15 pull ups

Ridiculous attempts at human flag progression