So last week was an odd one for me exercise-wise because I was doing at home training, meaning all of my workouts occurred in the back yard.  I didn’t have time to post them here but I did make videos of most of them.

The last video is some stuff Cindy did at the house Sunday afternoon.  There were some highlights and lowlights from the week.

On the good side was my funny FLY video where I was practicing jumping onto the pull up bar from further and further distance.  My 8 reps deadlifting 340 pounds with lifting straps was pretty epic.  On the downside, my max pull up attempt clicking in at only 23 reps was pretty disappointing and my Friday workout felt very uninspired.

Today was my only day at the gym so I wanted to make it count, doing a Ray’s Way style workout.  It didn’t adhere to all Ray Way standards as the only clock I used was the one on the wall to tell me it was time to get back to work.  Also I was unable to keep my dip sets contiguous (other movements I could), I had to come off the bars later and get back on to finish the reps.

I did try to up the challenge by upping the reps, doing 5 sets of 20 dips, 10 pull ups and 20 push ups, making for a nice round number of 250 total reps. It felt good to grind through it.

Today’s Workout

Ray’s Way

5 sets of 20 dips – 10 pull ups – 20 push ups