Last night was another BB challenge attempt.  I did a pretty good job on my pull up Xmas tree.

Today was an abnormal Wednesday at the gym for me.  I wound up skipping squats because some dummy was doing 100 sets of shoulder shrugs on the squat rack.  Instead the entire workout was nothing but dead lifting.

The workout was also unique because I did all of the deadlifting with a buddy of mine.  I ALWAYS work out alone so this was a nice treat that Jim also happened to be doing DL’s today.

Jim, although very strong, has been leery of doing heavier deadlifts since he hurt his back pulling 275 lbs years ago.  We started out light  and worked our way up.  Jim surprised himself by equaling and then surpassing the weight he hurt himself at years ago, clearing away a large mental hurdle.

Along the way I gave him a very simple but effective tip to help him handle the heavier weight, take off those damn Nike Air sneakers! As soon as he did his form looked dramatically better and stronger.  He yanked 275 lbs off the deck 6 times and went up again to 280 pounds and got four more solid reps.  Jim was excited he PR’d and I was excited for him.

Like I said, he is very strong and I have no doubt that now the mental hurdle has been knocked over, Jim will be surpassing me in deadlifting numbers shortly.

I had a good showing as well, setting another first, doing 5 reps at 325, 330, and 335lbs for the first time ever.  Considering I will be 46 years old this time next week I am happy that most of my numbers keep going up instead of down.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

15 prisoner squats


135 pounds x 10

185 pounds x 10

225 pounds x 10

275 pounds x 6

325 pounds x 5

330 pounds x 5

335 pounds x 5