Once again when I did squats I felt an odd, but less prominent sensation on the upper back of my left leg.  It kept my squat reps ridiculously small but I didn’t really care.  Dead lifts are the star of Wednesdays.

I had it in my head that I wanted to up my top end five rep sets to 325 pounds.  Last week I did 315 and the best I ever did 3×5 was 320 over a month ago.

On the first two sets at 325 I stopped after 4 reps.  The weight felt heavy and I felt a little unsure of myself.  Before the third set I got sidelined into a gym conversation so I had some extra rest.  I pulled the full five reps on the last set.

I really need to bring my phone with to video some of these high weight sets so I can get a better handle on how good/bad my form is when dealing with more weight.

Today’s Workout 

5 minutes cardio/stretching

15 prisoner squats

135 pound barbell squat – 12 reps

185 pound barbell squat – 5 reps

225 pound deadlift – 10 reps

275 pound deadlift – 5 reps

325 pound deadlift – 4 reps

325 pound deadlift – 4 reps

325 pound deadlift – 5 reps

Leg extension – 130 pounds x 12

Prone leg curl – 110 pounds x 10

Standing calf raise – 295 pounds x 8