Last night I tried the last two modes of this month’s BB challenge so I at least did them all this month.  First up was Bar-baric mode which is a static one hand chin hold for time.  I have not trained this hold for quite awhile.  I managed to hold myself up there for a fraction over 10 seconds which is about what I did last year I think.  However since I haven’t been doing much one arm training, my tendons and forearm felt like they were pulled apart afterwards.

After maybe a 5 minute rest I tried the consecutive bar over challenge.  I managed 8 reps, I was hoping for 10.

Today at the gym bicep work was out because of a very sore right arm from the hanging.  I stuck to pushing movements and not that many of them.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

5 sets of 8 slow bar dips supersetted with 5 sets of 20 C2G push ups

Overhead one arm tricep extensions – 20lbs x 10, 25lbs x 8 (each arm)

That’s all folks…