So today I took my first shot at a +1 version of the Ray’s Way I successfully completed two weeks in a row.  That meant I needed to do 5 sets of 16 dips, 9 pull ups and 21 push ups.  Well, I failed.

I am not quite sure where the lion share of blame should be put on me stepping off the dip bars at rep 8 of set four.  I think mentally I was defeated when I started single repping the push ups in set 3 after only 13 or 14 reps.  I just felt like I didn’t have it in me. Of course once your mind tells you that, your body has little to no chance of success.

Maybe if I had a larger amount of sleep the past few nights I would have felt more energetic but hell, I didn’t even do any running, biking or swimming this weekend. (did do some drinking though)

So although I opted out at rep 8 I did at least have enough pride to finish out the remaining reps for the full 5 sets off the clock.   It was a bummer effort.

Today’s Workout

Ray’s Way – FIVE sets 16 dips, 9 pull ups, 21 push ups – FAILED continuous rep parameter after dip rep 8 in set 4.