Last night I took my first crack at this month’s Bar-barian Forums challenge, the Halloween Hang.  My attempt was at normal mode which is a static chin to bar hold in pull up position.  You simply hold yourself up there for as long as possible.  I managed to hold on for just under a minute which is pretty good but a few seconds less than last year.  With the handful of extra pounds I am carrying around I am not surprised at the shorter hold.

When I dropped off the bar both of my forearms felt like they were balled up in knots.

Today’s gym session was another bi/tri day including use of my Fat Gripz.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

20 pull ups

Seated Fat Gripz dumbbell curls 25lbs x 12, 40lbx x 8, 50lbs x3

supersetted with

Bodyweight tricep extensions on smith machine (bar about 15 inches off the ground) 3 sets x 5 reps

Standing Barbell Fat Gripz drop set, 10 reps at 60, 50, 40, 30, 20 pounds.

Bench dips 3 sets x 30 reps