So today I once again took another shot at Ray’s Way.  This was an official attempt, complete with Round Timer running on my Iphone.  I tried something I never did before, laying away rest time.

The way the routine works is you have a 3 minute work session and then two minute rest session.  Any time you have left during a work session gets added on to your rest session.  So if I finish my last push up with 30 seconds left in the work session, my rest session is now 2:30.

Well I felt pretty good early on so I got a bright idea.  Instead of using all that extra rest time early I will bank that for later in the sets when I am really tired.

I finished my first work set with 90 seconds still on the clock.  Instead of standing around for the full 3:30 rest period I started early, with well over a minute left to rest.  My thought process was that by doing this I would be benefiting myself during crunch time in round 5.

I started every round with rest period still left on the clock until the final round.  I felt pretty good for 4 of the 5 rounds but I finished round 4 with less than 10 seconds to go, not a good thing with one round remaining.  I wound up failing in round 5, having to step off the dip bars briefly after rep 13 to readjust hands and then breaking plank on the push ups after rep 15 when I knew I wasn’t going to finish in time.

I was pretty disappointed because based on how I felt early I was pretty sure I was going to be able to complete the circuit on time and unbroken as it requires.

In the big picture it was a significantly better effort than two Tuesdays ago when I failed in round 3.  I’ll just keep plugging away.

Today’s Work Out

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Ray’s Way – 5 round of 15 dips, 8 pull ups, 20 push ups (fail in round 5)

Half Back Lever holds (bend at knee)

Two 30 second frog stands