So ever since Fi shamed me into resuming dead lifts as part of my weekly workouts I have been making some steady progress which continued today with a one rep mixed grip pull of 355 pounds.  The progress has been encouraging but has also felt borderline dangerous at times.

When I dead lift at heavier weights (285 and up for me), I experience various sensations that are not very pleasant.    After my 5 reps at 285 today I grabbed on to the leg press machine for stability.  The bright dots in my field of vision and light headedness felt like I was on the runway for pass out city.

When I get to the single rep sets there is that pull across the lower back which has lessened as I have gotten stronger but still is a steady reminder of a potential back injury lurking in the weeds.

Then today just as I pulled 355 off the deck I heard a sickening crunch in my twice scoped right knee, more than likely some of my damaged meniscus getting squished around.  By tomorrow I should know based on the amount of swelling and degree of limp if I did any serious damage.

So despite the various hazards heavy dead lifting seem to present to my 45 year old body, I plan to keep plugging away at them until I get derailed.  375 would be nice, 400 would be epic.  As is I am only a few pounds away from pulling double my bodyweight, another goal.