A little while back I saw Fi trying an elbow planche on a pull up bar but she couldn’t quite pull it off.  Ever since then I had the idea that I wanted to try to do that as well.  My floor elbow planche is pretty solid so I figured doing it on a bar would not be much different.  Well, it IS different.

Before getting on top of the bar I planted my elbows on my hips and looked at my hands, trying to gauge how far apart my supinated grip on the bar should be.  I grabbed on and did a sloppy bar over to get on top, the first time I did a bar over with a chin up grip.

I found the process of getting my arms/elbows in the right position far more difficult up on the bar since my body weight was already being supported on them.  I slowly started to pitch my body forward.  Despite only being 8 feet in the air, having my head out over the bar with nothing below is a bit of a weird feeling.  I really concentrated on using my biceps to make sure I didn’t go flipping forward.

I held the planche briefly although my body wasn’t as straight as it should be.  For whatever reason I found it very hard to get my elbows firmly planted on my hips which made holding it for any period of time very tough.

I flipped myself back up and tried a few more times but had less success with each subsequent attempt because of fatigue.  Simply holding myself upright on the bar with that grip felt difficult by itself as my center of gravity felt more off the bar than it does when I am up top with a pronated grip.

I then moved to my two big tires, wondering if I would have more success on their wobbly, but more or less flat surfaces.  At that point I just didn’t have the power required to hold myself up for any period of time.

Even with only the brief success, it was a good start.  It exposed me to the sensation and fear of being stretched out horizontally over the bar.   It would be awesome if eventually I could get on top of the 11 foot high bar and pull off this hold cleanly…