I awoke today with very sore forearms, especially my right one.  Evidently yesterday I over did it.  At the gym I did a set of 20 pull ups, some straight arm lateral raises, weighted pull ups ranging from 50-65 pounds, some inverted shoulder shrugs and topped off with another 15 pull ups at the end.  I even had the bright idea to do some grip holds where I was supporting my hanging weight on just my finger tips and later two finger holds.

Last night at home I piled on the forearm load by working wall handstands on Lou’s parallettes and then some back lever work on the Triple Gym, hence my pain this morning.  I am not sure what I was thinking since I have had a tenuous balance with forearm tendonitis over the last 5 years.

I’m a bit bummed because if my forearms feel like this tomorrow there is no way I would be able to grip a barbell to pull heavy dead lifts.