So I went to the gym today with good intentions, wanting to wind up my week with a productive session.  There was one problem, almost everything I tried to do hurt.  The list of painful areas included, ass, hamstrings, back, forearms, elbows, pecs, shoulders and one wrist.

I bailed on my intended 20+ rep pull up set around rep 10, because of the sore elbow tendons.  The idea I had about doing a 12 rep dragon flag set died on the vine after rep 1, my lower back was killing me.  I didn’t bother with push ups either I already knew they would hurt as well.

So I believe the main culprit are the heavy (for me) dead lifts I did on Wednesday.  At the the end of my one way ladder I was pulling 295 for a couple reps.  Heavy dead lifts tax most parts of your body to some degree.  For me they appeared to smack my body with a bat.  As I have gotten older the second day after a strenuous activity is always worse than the first.  Today was pretty bad.

I have Fi and IronLoo to thank for this.  Fi is the one that convinced me to resume dead lifting after at least a 3 year hiatus.  Lou is the one that motivates me to keep at it.  Watching his ferocious dead lifting sessions pump me up to pull as heavy as I can.315

Don’t get me wrong, I think dead lifting is one of the best total body exercises you can do.  Unfortunately, at 45 years of age, pulling heavy things off the floor can be a painful (and risky) proposition.

I am hoping by Sunday I am feeling less geriatric.