559436_10151602781878875_2126693932_n[1]On Saturday I did a completely unplanned and ill advised 16 mile training run with my buddy’s girlfriend.  She is training for a full marathon.  I offered to keep her company since she was concerned about being dropped back in her training group because of a slow pace. (we actually left the group behind the last 5 miles)

The farthest I have ever run is the 13.1 mile half marathon distance and I have only run that once in the last year.  Normally I will run 6 or 7 miles one time a week.  Jumping up to 16 goes against all conventional running wisdom.

The run was very, very long.  The training group we were running with took a lot more breaks and did more walking than I would if I was going at it by myself.  Still, by the end of it I was BEAT.  16 miles is 16 miles.  I expected to have a laundry list of aches and pains after the run.  Instead my major issue were two sore hips and now, 4 days later that has pretty much completely healed up as well.  I could hardly believe my perennially problematic right knee didn’t blow up at all after all of that pounding.

I feel good enough that I plan to do my scheduled squat/deadlift session at the gym today.  If you asked me last Friday if I could run 16 miles and be squatting 4 days later I would have laughed in your face.  I guess the joke is on me, in a good way.

On Monday my gym session included my working in sets of push ups in between other movements.  I would alternate between a set of 30 conventional chest to floor push ups and 20 diamond push ups.  In total I did 150 reps, 90 regular and 60 diamonds.

I woke up yesterday with sharp pain in BOTH wrists depending on the angle they were held.  I can only assume it was from the diamonds, they have caused me wrist issues in the past.