Yesterday I wanted to get some bodyweight work in.  I started off with making my first attempt at normal mode of this month’s BB challenge.  Normal mode is 20 dips, 10 pull ups and 25 push ups as quickly as you can go while utilizing proper form.  My time of 1:25 was firmly middle of the pack thus far.

I had my gymnastic rings out, something I haven’t done in months.  I wanted to use them for back levers but first thought I would see if I could still get a muscle up on rings, a skill I haven’t worked in eons.  Well I got my answer, and it was NO.

I have been having some joint issues lately beyond the normal everyday joint issues that are part of being 45.  Specifically my shoulders and elbows.  My shoulders, despite a lot of effort to keep them loose just hurt doing lots of movements.  However in the ring muscle ups the problem was in my elbows.

The hard compression of the joint that occurs during transition was causing me a lot of pain.  After my third attempt I gave up as my right arm was throbbing and tingling.  Instead of calling it quits I still tried a couple back levers on the rings, not exactly smart.

I found the swinging that takes place doing the movement on the rings to be detrimental.  I tried two slow descents and didn’t do well controlling it either time.   I was frustrated.

I then got down on the ground and did a few dragon flag reps.  They felt better than they looked on film.  I have too much bend in my flag.  I ended my session wishing I could wave a wand and transplant the 1985 version of my joints back into my 2013 body.