My dad flew back to PA yesterday.  While he was visiting my exercise/eating patterns were not anywhere close to normal.  Last night I tried to start getting things back on track.

I first planned to try normal mode of this month’s BB challenge, hoping to beat my first attempt of 58 chest to deck push ups in 2 minutes.  Well my exercise lay off was quite evident, I was only at 50 reps with 35 seconds to go, I bagged the attempt there.

After a set of 20 pull ups on the Triple Gymcloselever I hopped on the lower attachment to see where I was at with back levers.  My first attempt was no better than any of my prior holds with me losing control after I broke 45 degrees in angle.

My second attempt went better.  I REALLY squeezed through my scalpula, retracting them as much as I could.  I controlled the movement almost all the way to parallel.

I was excited that in spite off my overall subpar physical level currently I am still progressing on the hold.