My left wrist has been injured for somewhere around 3 months.  As a result I cut back a lot on certain exercises including a good portion of Metins program and pushing exercises in general.  Well finally the wrist seems to be close to back to normal so I am starting to add some stuff back into my routine.

The other night I spent some time working various movements, most of them requiring me to be on my hands.  I will be moving ahead very cautiously, the last thing I need to do is re-aggravate the wrist and start the cycle all over again.

I have noticed that my pushing performance has gone down significantly since the wrist injury.  My push up and especially my dip endurance seems really poor.  I plan to try to hit both of those movements a lot more.  I guess my triceps have gotten soft.

My swollen right knee is getting better, it looks almost normal at this point but I still don’t have full flexibility.  I am thinking that in about a week I will be ready to give it a test run.

I really hate when I rip open calluses on my hands doing bar work.  The problems come in multiple stages.

Of course the initial tearing of the skin hurts obviously, especially if the rip gets mashed in with chalk, as well as when you try to wash it out, stings like mad. Then there is the fun process of trying to cut off the dead skin without causing additional tearing.

Finally, the raw exposed skin, at least for me inevitably dries out, cracks and bleeds for several days afterward.  I have found that the location of these calluses makes it nearly impossible to keep a band-aid and Neosporin applied on a consistent basis.  Hands move around and get wet a lot, neither thing is good for wound care.

So I wind up just putting on my lifting gloves during workouts when this goes down to get by.  At least it keeps the blood from getting on the floor.