My right knee which I injured in the Tough Mudder is slowly getting better.  The swelling has gone down quite a bit although I still do not have normal flexibility in the joint.  It would be cool if I could resume running before the end of the year.

This weekend I made my first attempt at mode 3 of this month’s BB challenge which is pull ups in a ladder configuration.  Coming off my strong 30 rep single set I was looking forward to see how many layers I could tack onto my “Christmas Tree”.

I did pretty damn well completing 6 levels + 7 reps into the 7th set for a total of 49 pull ups.  If I knew when I was on the bar I was one rep from 50 I would have hung on the bar for as long as it took to get one more rep.

For the attempt I chalked both my hands and the bar which gave me a very solid grip.  Unfortunately by the end of my 6th set my hands paid the price.  I had matching blisters torn open on both hands. High reps have their price….

I will need to wait for my hands to heal a bit to see if I can crack the 50 total rep mark.

Remember that chronic wrist injury I was suffering from for quite awhile?  The one that did not respond to rest or anything else?  Well since I decided to just deal with it and continued my normal routine it has actually improved.  The pain in the joint is almost gone.  Weird huh?