So Sunday I got the idea in my head that I wanted to set a new pull up personal best.  I think it was loosely motivated by Ray L talking about taking down 30 reps at this weeks advanced Bar-barain training session in NYC. I had no thoughts of doing 30 pull ups, I was hoping to squeak out 28, one better than my surprising 27 rep effort in October.

I haven’t had any amazing pull up break throughs lately that would have made me think I had a good shot at 28 reps, I just got the idea in my head I wanted to do it.  I even used a bit of Zef style visualization leading up to the set, imagining how good it would feel to crank out 28.

I wore my Crossfit Clitheroe hoodie that Lee sent me for extra motivation, plus it was rather chilly outside by Florida standards. (low 60’s)

After chalking both the bar and my hands I started pulling.  With max rep attempts speed is important but since I subscribe to the Bar-barian mantra I also am very aware of form.  I kept my legs straight and my range of motion solid for all reps.

I was pretty stoked when I did the first 22 reps with no break.  I knew that 28 should be in reach.  When I squeezed out my 28th rep all of a sudden my vision changed, I want to get 30 reps…

Although my back was very fatigued, my grip still felt solid enough to allow me to do some on bar recovery. I hung for awhile but managed to squeeze out rep 29 and 30 in a convincing, chin hovering over the bar fashion.

When I watched the video back I was pleased that my form stayed consistent within Bar-baric standards.

I dropped off the bar very surprised I just completed 30 pull ups.  When I squeaked out 25 reps a few months back 30 seemed a very different and difficult beast to tame, yet here I was.  It felt damn good to be setting personal physical bests even as I am rapidly approaching half a century on the planet…

Not many people can do 30 pull ups, when you add “45 and older” to that sentence, the numbers shrink dramatically further.