I have never claimed to be an expert in any aspect of calisthenics, well maybe except how to look silly doing it.  I am basically a novice in most disciplines whom tries to find a way to get my old, big, long body to function doing these movements.  I have never had any formal coaching or training but I have watched endless hours of YouTube videos of many individuals that have helped me along the way.

Well a couple weeks ago I stumbled across this channel on YouTube.  It is the channel of Naka Athletics whom appears to be a Crossfit group based in the San Francisco area.  The coach in these videos is Carl Paoli and he is in a word, excellent.

Carl does a fantastic job of both demonstrating and explaining countless body weight movements and exercises, some of the best I have EVER seen.   If you are looking for some really good information on the how and why behind gymnastic (and Crossfit) movements, look no further.

Just take a look at these three videos explaining push up basics.  I have no doubt that I have some fundamental flaws in my my push up form, I am going to try to apply some of the tips and see how things improve.