I tried to do a Ray’s Way set today at the gym for the first time in quite awhile, probably a couple months at least.  I stopped doing them in an attempt to let my injured left wrist heal.  I also have avoided doing many dips or push ups during that time period as well.

Well the wrist still hurts so I decided f it, I’m going to fire RW back up again and just deal with the pain.

I tried to jump back in where I had left off with 5 rounds of 19 dips, 9 pull ups and 24 push ups.  I knew with my lack of push training it was going to be pretty much impossible to complete but I figured I would try anyway.

As predicted, during the 4th round of dips I gassed out.  However I didn’t give up.  I made sure I finished up all 5 rounds of reps although I did not do it within the allotted time period.

The dips and push ups felt very tough as I expected they would be.  The pull ups were fine.  I also expected than to be the case since I have been working pulling exercises so much since the injury.  I could probably bump them to 10 or 11 without failing.

So anyway, it’s a starting point.  As long as my wrist pain doesn’t get too severe I am just going to consider it the price of doing calisthenics business.