One of the challenges of doing calisthenics for me besides trying to always improve is trying to do this without hurting myself.  As much as I hate to admit it, I am far from a spring chicken.  Parts of me break down pretty easily nowadays and require a careful balance of effort versus injury.

When I do my first set of pull ups in a work out the muscles and tendons in my forearms sound like dry rotted rubber bands expanding with lots of creaking and cracking.  My shoulders always have some sort of pain floating about in them.  My twice operated on right knee sounds like it is filled with Rice Krispies.

It’s frustrating for sure but I try to focus on what I CAN do after four and a half decade on the planet.

I do have two current problems that are really providing some roadblocks.  My left wrist has been bothering me for going on two months.  I tried resting it for like 10 days but it didn’t improve so now I am just trying to work around it the best I can.

I also have a problem across the top of my my left elbow/forearm.  I was trying to work slow muscle ups the other day and had terrible pain radiating across that area when I was in the transition position.  Once I released the arm was throbbing, almost how it feels when you bang your funny bone.

There isn’t a whole lot I can do about these sort of things except adopt a “if it hurts, don’t do it attitude”  I just hope I still have a few exercises left  that don’t hurt in a few years.