Saturday I drove across the state to the Barstarzz event in South Beach.  It was my first time ever attending a calisthenics group get together.

It was a great time.  There was so much positive energy on the beach.  The talent, hard work, and dedication on display was very inspirational.

Most of my time there was spent just hanging out, talking to people and watching the more elite guys do their thing.  My only official participation was in the pull up competition where I pulled off 23 respectable reps.  I think the winner posted around 40 reps.

I left there very glad I made the trip and thankful that Luis, one of the local Barstarzz guys that is 40+ like me, invited me. It was great to meet several people I only knew virtually up until that point.

Last night I did my first one handed push ups ever on video.  Last week out of the blue I figured I would try it.  Although I have been resting my left wrist from pushing movements, my right wrist is still intact, so I figured I would try a right handed version.

I had tried various times in the past to do one handed push ups and failed pretty miserably, partially because of lack of strength, partially because of poor technique.  Before making my attempt I reviewed the video Neil from Incite Fitness did on one hand push ups on his YouTube channel.

I was surprised I was able to get a few reps.  At the bottom of the movement the torque and strain I felt across my right shoulder and tricep was pretty severe.  I would expect that to become less unpleasant if I keep it up.  So anyway last night were my first reps on video.  It isn’t that pretty but I went down as far as my elbow would allow and got all the way back up.

Speaking of my left wrist, I went to the Barstarzz event in spite of it.  I sort of assumed that I would injure the wrist more screwing around on the bars at South Beach.  I took a couple Advil before the event and rolled the dice.  Well a weird thing happened.  My wrist actually has felt significantly better the last couple days,  I am not quite sure why.

I have to be smart enough to not go balls to the wall right away and wind up reaggravating the wrist.  But I am hopeful that I may be close to getting over the injury.