So today at lunch I attempted another self created workout plan based on the pyramid training I mentioned several days ago.   With a pyramid set your reps look like this 2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2.  There is supposed to be practically no rest between the sets, you either stand up or get off the bar and then go right back into the reps ideally.

Well today I took that concept and turned it into an ass grinding workout, I call it a Super Pyramid Set or SPS for short.

Super setting normally means you alternate between exercises that utilize different body parts.  As you are “resting” one body part you are exercising another.  It is a great way to work anaerobically.

Well my idea was to “superset” pyramids, doing a pyramid set of dips, pull ups and push ups.

At first it is tough to know what sort of pyramid heights to establish so that it is challenging but allows you enough in the tank to get through everything unbroken.  I went with a 10 dip pyramid (50 reps), an 8 pull up pyramid ( 32 reps) finished off with a 10 push up pyramid (50 reps).  It was quite difficult for me.  The faster you try to go the harder you are going to be sucking wind.

After maybe a 5 or 6 minute break I went through the cycle again changing things up a bit doing a 8 bar dip pyramid, 6 chin up pyramid, followed by a 10 knuckle push up pyramid (started as finger tip)

It’s a nice little circuit that will have you working hard quickly.  By the end my shirt was soaked.

Give it a shot, and remember if someone asks what you are doing, say “Duf’s SPS!”