So I went in to today’s Ray’s Way attempt still feeling fat and lethargic from too much drinking and eating at last night’s fantasy football draft.  However I also was pissed off from being such a glutton.  I was pretty determined to blow through the 19/9/24 rep level that I failed at last week.

Maybe consuming all those grams of carbs last night gave me a good amount of stored energy.  I blasted through all 5 rounds with 24 seconds to spare in round 5.

Well to be fair it was far from easy, round four and five were quite difficult as they always are but still, I managed to succeed where I failed before, always a good feeling.

Next up is to complete the circuit again at these rep numbers and then up to 20/10/25, my original starting point that I failed at pretty epically my first time through.

95 dips,  45 pull ups and 120 push ups is  a good start to the penance I must inflict on myself.