So last Friday I pulled out my dip belt to do some weighted pull ups and dips.  I decided to try to set a new PR for weighted dips for the second consecutive week, hanging 115 pounds around my waist.  I stalled out about halfway back up, struggle as I might.

Well I noticed after the fail attempt I had a weird sensation in my right elbow/upper arm.  It reminded me of the sensation when you hit your “crazy bone”, the area just kind of felt dead and weak.  Over the weekend when I tried a static wall handstand hold that same area is what gave out first during the disappointing 73 second effort.

So today at the gym I wasn’t really thinking much about the injury during my chest/back routine.  I did my set of 55 push ups and Fat Gripz pull ups with out much issue.   Well after pre-fatiguing with a number of other back exercises I decided to try some one hand static chin hangs.  After holding for maybe 10 seconds on the right side I released and had a rocketing pain through the forearm, elbow, bicep, shoulder area.  Now the arm is back to feeling like it was crazy boned.

It was stupid of me to try a high stress hold like a OAC hold with the issues I had going into the workout.  I guess I just didn’t engage the brain, a common occurrence when it comes to some of my exercise decisions.