So today I decided to pull out my dip belt.  It had been collecting dust for several weeks since I tweaked my shoulder.

I alternated between doing weighted dips and pull ups.  For dips my sets went like this:

20 – BW only

8 – BW+45

1  – BW+90

1 – BW+110

2 – BW+90

8- BW+45

The 110 pound weighted dip was a new personal best, eclipsing the 100 pound dip I pulled off several weeks ago.  It was quite the struggle, I barely got back up to the lock out position.

My weighted pull ups didn’t go as well as I hoped.  The sets were:

10 – BW only

4 – BW+45

1 – BW+70

I then got half way up with BW + 75 pound.  After that I decided to try something different and just do a static hold with my chin bar high with higher weight.  I was able to hold BW+100 for around 10 seconds.   I then bumped it up to BW+115 but I couldn’t really hold it so I just did a controlled descent.

One thing I struggled with a bit was my abs hurting doing the pull ups.  I did some dragon flags yesterday for the first time in awhile.  I had been avoiding them because they hurt my shoulder as funny as that seems.  You don’t realize how much your abs come into play while doing pull ups until you try doing reps with sore abs.

It felt good to do some weighted work again after steering clear for three weeks because of my shoulder/deltoid injury.