Last night after seeing Lou’s Atlasthenics video which was filled with unconventional exercise like lugging a huge atlas stone around, I was inspired to do my own unconventional workout, the Death Crawl.

I tried the Death Crawl once before back in January of 2011, it is actually part of this video below.  (the crawl starts at the 4:30 mark)

A Death Crawl is basically covering ground on your hands and feet (knees don’t touch the ground).  It is simply uncomfortable and is tough on your shoulders, ass, legs and core.

When I tried this in 2011 I made it to the fence but then stood up and took a break before coming back.  This time I wanted to make sure I never broke death crawl position.

My pace was slow and steady but I was able to complete the roughly 500 feet of crawling successfully.  By the time I crossed the pull up bar finish line I was breathing quite heavy.

Doing unconventional stuff like this is a great way to shake up your body.  Sure pull ups, push ups and dips are awesome but you can never have enough variety in your exercise routine.  Maybe next time I will try the crawl with some weight on my back.