Yesterday I received a large box at my front door from New York, it was my Iron Lou parallelettes.

Parallelettes are great for many body weight exercises.  In some ways it is like having a portable set of parallel bars that you can use almost anywhere.

I had considered making myself a set using schedule 40 PVC several times but never got around to it.

Well what prompted Lou to send me these heavy duty beauties were the floor planche progression pics I posted last week.  Lou said doing these moves on parallelettes was easier.  Shortly after that he told me he had a spare set of parallelettes he made that he would send to me.  Wow, awesome.

Lou made these from some spare parts laying around and 4×4’s.  He said they are nice because they are far sturdier than PVC parallelettes.  Once I unboxed them I saw what he meant. Lou no longer needed this set since he went out and bought a high quality set of his own.  He sent me his old ones for FREE, despite my repeated offers to pay him for the expense.

Late last night after I got home from a football game I quickly set the bars up in the office and did an L sit to planche transition.  It wasn’t very good but a starting point.  The bars are the perfect diameter and feel very stable.

I am hoping some of Lou’s extreme intensity rub’s off on me via his bars.  I hope to put them to good use and keep them in my exercise equipment collection until I am no more.

Thanks Lou.

I did a test run at the normal mode challenge yesterday at the gym.  I sort of fuzzed out in my count.  I amassed either 100 or 110 reps in the 5 minute time limit.  Either number wasn’t all that great.  I opted to do an initial set of 40 reps and then just tried to pop out reps of 10 the rest of the way.  Evidently I was eating up too much time with breaks, a common issue for me.