I had my first shot at hard mode of this month’s BB challenge.  I had missed the gym at lunch so I was anxious to get out there and put up a good showing.

My first set of chin ups went well, I netted 20 reps which I think either sets or ties my all time chin up best.  I wanted to try to truly max out each set instead of cutting each set a bit short to save some energy for the next.

I only managed 8 regular pull ups and 6 behind the neck after that.  I just didn’t have any juice left.

In general this seems to be the same issue that has been limiting my goal of hitting the BBR’s.  MY body does not seem very willing to recover quickly, an absolute necessity for the BBR’s.  Yea I can throw up decent single set numbers but if my rest period in between is very short, my numbers go WAY down.

I will keep experimenting to see if I can find a way to get this old body to bounce back faster.


I have been using my new roller pretty regularly.  The extreme discomfort I felt when I rolled the first time is getting more and more manageable which I assume is a good thing.