I have had a couple unsuccessful challenges lately.  First on Sunday I tried normal mode of this month’s Bar-barian forums challenge, clapping pushups, and posted a number about 10 reps less than I hoped for.


Then last night I went out to try a 1/2 BBR, hoping to finish doing 3 muscle ups, 23 dips, 13 pull ups, 28 push ups and 3 more muscle ups in 3 minutes or less.  Well not only did I not finish in three minutes, I didn’t finish, period.  I was too fatigued to complete the final three muscle ups.

I found myself feeling quite frustrated that I fatigued so quickly.  I had to pause in my push up set after rep 7 which is ridiculous.

There is a funny moment after I dropped off the bar after my second failed MU attempt.  It is a reflex anger move I do sometimes.  I was disappointed in my set.


After I caught my breath I pulled out my new Fat Gripz and gave them a try.  The concept with Fat Gripz is they allow you to transform a smaller 1″inch or so diameter bar into a thick bar instantly.

Having to move identical weight with a thicker bar translates into much effort as you utilize more muscle to grip.  The reviews on Fat Gripz across the board are very high.

They appear to be very well made, constructed of very dense and hard rubber.  It reminds me of a material similar to what Crossfit style bumper plates are made of.

Attaching the grips to the bar is easy, you just pull it apart at the seam and it snaps on top of the bar.  I did a few sets of pull ups on the Fat Gripz and immediately felt a big difference in my forearms.  The grip is too big to wrap your thumb around them.  The bar felt even fatter than the fat TSP bar.

The only negative I noticed was as I got deeper into my reps the grips rotated a bit, forcing me to regrip once.  I think that could be lessened if you put a layer of chalk on the bar.

I plan to take the Fat Grips to the gym today to utilize them for some dumbbell exercises.  All of the reports I have seen indicate there isn’t a bar/dumbbell/barbell exercise around that won’t benefit from using Fat Gripz.