Yesterday since I missed the gym at lunch I headed outside after work to do a GUTS routine.  Since I typically do these at the gym I have never videoed a session.  I decided to do just that.  I completed 34 dips, 18 pull ups and 35 push ups in about 4:30, far from an impressive performance if I am basing it on successful BBR completion. (45 dips, 25 pull ups, 55 push ups AND 10 muscle ups in 6 minutes)

The best thing I can say about my attempts are I really try to make sure my form is solid.  I have seen a lot of BBR videos where the guy is repping so fast that form really goes out the window.

After a few minutes rest I tried the Bar-baric mode of this month’s challenge which is max dragon flags after completing 20 leg raises.

I have messed with dragon flags for years but I have never been able to do reps with correct form and full ROM.  Well although I only did a total of three reps, they were pretty solid.  As I pulled back up from the third rep I started seeing stars in front of my eyes.  I used that as a cue to stop.