So I wore my cheap Timex sport watch to the gym for the last two days to time different elements of my workout.

On Tuesday I timed my 50/100 warm up.  I did 10 sets of 5 pull ups and 10 push ups as quickly as I could.  I was a bit disappointed in my time of 7:59 since that was almost a full minute slower than when I timed it a couple months ago.  I was wondering if I accidentally did an 11th set.  It is quite possible as my cognitive functions have a history of going haywire in the midst of strenuous exercise.

Today I timed my GUTS session for the first time ever.  As on Monday, going IMMEDIATELY from one exercise to the next knocked down my overall numbers pretty significantly.  I did 32 dips, 18 pull ups and 35 push ups in a time of 4:08.  It wasn’t a bad effort but I need to be able to handle my lactic acid better obviously.

I have modified my GUTS progress chart to include my 50/100 sessions as well.  You can see it here.