I made an unofficial attempt at the 5150 today.  I thought mixing 5150 practice attempts on my GUTS off days might be productive although it sort of negates the whole rest concept.  Trying to do 50 pull ups and 100 push ups in 5 minutes isn’t exactly resting.

I had some improvement over my initial attempt where I netted 35 pull ups and 75 push ups in 5 minutes.  This time I managed 40 pull ups and 75 push ups.  My pull up sets went like this 10-10-8-7-5 , my push ups were 20-20-20-15.  I liked these set reps, they didn’t totally gas me early but were big enough chunks to add up to decent toals.

I’m only 10 pull ups and 25 push ups from the magic 150 number.

My one arm static chin hold is really improving, at least on my right side.  Yesterday I held what felt like a solid 10 seconds on the right.  With my left arm I still am only able to pause briefly above the bar before my strength fails.  The disparity in strength between my left and right side may explain why my muscle ups always fade on my left side when they start to turning into “one overs”.  I am hoping my continuing to work the OAC hold on the left I can even out the strength level between the two halves.