I had some ideas of trying Lee’s 20 by 12 circuit this weekend when Randall was here.  Unfortunately after doing 20 miles on my road bike followed by 17 miles on my mountain bike I had no energy left to make an attempt. The only body weight work I did this weekend were a few muscle ups.

After watching Lee and Lou do their attempts I don’t know if I could even do it in any semblance of a respectable time.  By the time both of them were done with their 4 rounds of 5 sets of exercises they were both majorly spent.  Both Lee and Lou are at a very elite fitness level already, seeing them so taxed by the routine makes me think it would totally wreck me. The routine is as follows:

4 sets of 12 reps of:

pull ups
front tricep extensions on a low bar/bench
chair dips
box jump with full squat at top and bottom of jump
stiff legged foot to bar raises

Of the 5 exercises in this months 20 by 12 the stiff legged bar touches concern me the most (very tough movement for me), followed by the box jumps with deep squats both at the top and bottom of the movement.  Saying I am hesitant to try the challenge of course makes me feel like I should do it even more.  Overcoming what you think you can not do is what body weight work is all about anyway.

My GUTS performance today was lackluster.  I scored very low on my dips because I had to do them on the assisted dip machine (with no assist of course).  The handles on the machine are not at a great width and the entire contraption bounces around as you do reps which just makes it tougher to rep out.