I made my second attempt at normal mode of this month’s Bar-barian challenge, a day after posting a clean form but poorly timed hard mode effort.  I was worried doing them on consecutive days could present a problem.  It turns out it wasn’t a big deal, I upped my first attempt by a total of 13 reps, very cool.


I assume my GUTS routine is helping me considerably when it comes to this type of movement.

Yesterday at lunch I threw in a couple successful slow muscle ups on two different locations in the gym.  When I do MU’s at the gym I always get strange, “WTF?” looks from people mindlessly pushing on machines.

Yesterday one of my FB bar buddies posted this pic of an old guy in kick ass shape.  My jaw dropped when the post said he was 91 years old!  Wow, if that is true, it gives me hope.  When I go, I hope it is mid-muscle up.