I had a busy fitness weekend.  Saturday morning I set a PR for the 10 mile running distance covering it at an 8:42 per mile pace.  This really makes me hopeful that I can hit my sub-two hour half marathon goal.

Sunday I put in a bunch of time outside on my rings/bars, breaking the session into four different videos which I will list below.  I had two firsts during the session, stringing two ring muscle ups together and pulling off my cleanest slow muscle up ever.

With the ring muscle ups I found it difficult to keep my false grip locked in going from rep to rep.  I eventually figured out I just had to really concentrate on locking the grip in as I dropped out of the top of the movement.

The slow muscle up was unexpected.  I was actually planning to demonstrate the weird way I did my first slow muscle up, grabbing across the bar with my one arm and using my forearm to lever myself up and over.  Instead I found myself able to keep my hands in place and just power through the transition which felt awesome.

I finally put together the Muscle up for Dummies video that a few people asked me to do.  I basically tried to describe my experience on getting a muscle up in layman’s terms which may help others that find themselves at a similar frustration level I was at with the movement.

My BBR GUTS performance was pretty plateaued last week and I again had issues today, struggling on the dips.  Now to be fair I was still sore from the bar work on Sunday but it still pissed me off.  I did manage to hit 20 on the pull ups and 46 with the push ups but the weak dip numbers took the shine off of the rest of the attempt.

My plan to do them every day at the gym may be misguided.  I wonder if I am over training, not allowing those muscle groups enough time to rest and repair.  Most days I am walking around feeling sore which I used to think was a good thing.  Who knows, maybe i will try cutting the GUTS attempts down to 3 days this week and see if I see some improvement.

Sunday’s videos are below.