Yesterday in the mail I received a Bar-barians shirt from Zef.  It was in recognition for the time I put in organizing/running the monthly contests on the Bar-barian message boards.

I am obviously very excited about the shirt but even more so for the recognition from one of the biggest stars in the body weight exercise community.

I originally proclaimed that I wouldn’t even wear the shirt until I could at least complete the old BBR requirements even though the silver emblem designates this isn’t a BBR shirt.  The elite few that complete the BBR’s get a shirt with a GOLD emblem.

Well Zef said he would be honored to see me wearing the shirt in one of my upcoming videos so of course I will be happy to oblige.

I feel very lucky to be able to both give and take from the online group of like minded individuals that understand that real fitness isn’t a chore, it’s a choice to engage your limits.